Saturday, February 27, 2010

the snuggie

Good Morning! Today I am going to head over to the lib to do some hw. But not before showing you THIS. Viewer discretion advised. This may shock and amaze the more fabulous of my readers.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Unfortunately you do see what you think you see.


Why would anyone want to represent their organization that they should be so proud of when they are looking hellish in a zebra printed snuggie? Now, I must come clean and admit that I have a Ravens snuggie which I cuddle up in to watch tv or Ravens games from time to time... (My room is SO HOT I hardly ever feel the need) But I certainly do not look hot when I'm rocking it, everybody has to let loose once in a while! haha but a lettered snuggie to me is just.. I can't find the words! Personally, If I'm in a snuggie it is safe to say I am NOT presentable enough to be seen let alone in my letters. But this print is screaming LOOK AT ME! haha if this disturbs you as it does me please leave me a comment! Have a fabulous Saturday!


Shayna said...

What's so freaky about the Snuggie is how all out invasive it is - Snuggies for dogs, sports teams, luxury Snuggie knock-offs at Brookstones... honestly, I'm just surprised that there aren't gang Snuggie warnings out there (a la the banning of red bandannas and blue sneakers, et. al). All this, for what comes down to an overlarge backwards bathrobe...